• One of grafting eyelash- Eyelash extension

    The camellia eyelash mixed different length in each row,such as 7 8 9mm style,which is mixed different length,then when such a clip multiple times, long and short, layering is very good;if you want to end of eye long, can match different length ;such as 8 9 10mm and 9 10 11mm/10 11 12mm and so… Read More


    Lashes, those beautiful, bendable and hopefully bountiful tiny little hairs that protect our eyes. We love them! Unfortunately, due to genetics or neglect, not all of us have enviable lashes. Your lashes are very delicate but surprisingly resilient considering the amount of damage that we do with mascara, curling, falsies and whatever other beauty torture… Read More


    Take a walk down the beauty aisle of any drugstore, and you’ll see dozens of eyelash products, all promising length and volume. Mascaras, serums, fake lashes, overnight treatments…the list goes on and on. Researchers from Procter & Gamble say that 40 percent of mascara users are “volume seekers” – the average woman applies six strokes of mascara… Read More

  • Curious About Eyelash Extensions? Here’s What You Should Know

    an I let you in on a secret, just between you and me? I’ve worn eyelash extensions continuously for about two years now. They make me feel like a Disney princess whose pure and gentle spirit has enticed delicate, mascara-free butterflies to live on my face. Amid my otherwise low-maintenance makeup routine, lash extensions are… Read More

  • Why choose Angel Lash

    Russian volume lashes are lighter and thinner than normal eyelash extensions. They carry the same weight as your natural lash leaving room for more lash applications. With regular eyelash extensions you apply “one lash on one”, but with the Russian volume, you apply in either 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D etc. They work similar to cluster lashes… Read More

  • How To Straighten Eyelashes

      Ascertain that a qualified physician recommends a treatment that you can apply by yourself at home. The procedure takes less than five minutes daily just like the two other ways mentioned above, but the chemistry within this merchandise promises lasting effects. ​Step 1. Clean The Area. ​Gently remove any mascara residue on the lashes.… Read More